Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Who is the worst company in the world?

I'm so tired of Comcast raising my rates that I posted this in their forum.   Maybe someone at Comcast will read it and make some changes.

@ComcastChe wrote:
 I would be more than happy to assist you 

We have all been though this procedure where we contact the no-name "official employee" who claims they are from the 'retention department' and who tells us that our bill is going to be lowered or adjusted.

It is all a ruse.

Nothing happens. Our bills are adjusted and then quickly raised again via some bogus "line fee" or "sports fee" or "telecom fee." And it is great for Comcast because they have now locked us into a two-year contract.

It is ironic because "contracts" mean nothing to the company as their lawyers have written the document so that the company  can raise prices anytime they want and we can't get out of said contract without paying a exorbitant early-term fee. There is nothing in the contract that is in our interest or that protects us.

I won't contact whomever "ComcastChe" is because I've been down that road before.

I paid the Comcast bill and I will pay the next one and one after that. But in the interim I will study the web on how to cut the cord and about what services and equipment I need.

And in the next  few months I will also keep an eye out on how AT&T is doing with their new TV platform plus Internet in my area.

I'll either go with ATT or cut the cord. I don't want to do either but Comcast has reached my tipping point. (Actually $150 after tax, fees, etc. was my tipping point... and I'm just now realizing that I must do something because we all know that the increases will never end.)

I don't hate Comcast and I don't wish them any ill will. I do wish them better management that will be customer-centric (think Apple) but I don't see that happening any time soon.

After being a good customer with them for fifteen years,  I will stay with them for another fifteen WEEKS at which time I should know how to keep their Internet, put up an antenna for local stations, join some streaming services (we have Prime and Netflix already) and cut out their TV service and their constant price increases with no added value received.

It is sad. They were a great company when they first came to our part of the country. And their field people are quite good.  But it looks like their corporate culture has been dominated by a management team obsessed with greed, avarice, and arrogance.

Comcast is today what Microsoft was in the the 90s, an 00s. But in 2013 the Microsoft CEO stepped down (or was forced out) and a new management team came and that company changed so that today they are nothing like the company they were in the past. Maybe one day the same will happen with Comcast.

I hold a lot of Comcast stock (CMCSA)... so I'm 'working' on it, but no one in Philadelphia, PA listens.