Saturday, August 29, 2015

"I Feel Ripped" (Da da da da da da da!) By Overnight Prints! (Da da da da da da da!)

Remember the old song by James Brown called “I Feel Good?” 

I have a new 'take' on it:

I Feel Ripped” (Da da da da da da da!)
By Over Night Prints (Da da da da da da da!)

…. although technically I wasn’t.

I needed new biz cards for my insurance agency since I changed direction and decided to only write Medicare coverage. 

So I shopped around looking at designs and settled on one by

I opened an account, designed the card, and paid (via AMEX) $22 plus shipping of $17 for ***500*** cards:

The next morning I got an email ‘blast’ from them about a huge sale... 

where they were offering *** 5000*** cards (yeah, FIVE THOUSAND) for $30.

Wow… that is a HUGE deal compared to what I paid!

I wrote them and asked if they would give me the sale price because I’m sure they knew a day in advance that there would be a sale… and that it would be a ‘nice’ thing for them to do. 

I told them I'd blog about their decision as well as comment on it on FB and LI, etc., and that this COULD be good publicity for them. 

They didn't see it that way. 

They got real snarky... and defensive. 

My guess is that they have had this issue arise before. 

They wrote back:

Now I guess I could have refused delivery yesterday and told AMEX that the quality was poor… but to be honest the quality is terrific… I love the cards… so I can’t do that in good conscience.  I run an honest house.

If I were running Overnightprints and if a new customer wrote me a polite letter asking for the sale price since it is so much different from what was paid, I’d do the deal… especially when it was a publisher who knows how to ‘work’ the media and (as Mark Twain notes) buys “ink by the barrel.”

Always send happy customers out the door, even if it cost you a few bucks. If you do that you will be in biz forever. 

Honestly, the cards are great… thick, clean stock, clear printing, exactly trimmed, well packaged, and beautifully matte finished.  While I run an insurance agency and a software company, I'am also a publisher ( and I know good print work when I see it. 

I highly recommend them for quality… but I won’t buy from them again. 



Maya Angelou said it best:

I Feel Ripped (Da da da da da da da!)
By Over Night Prints (Da da da da da da da!)